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Through advanced machine technology and excellence, we manufacture, copy and program extra keys for your car with remote control.

All cars from 1995 onwards have some form of transponder technology, usually referred to as an immobilizer built into them. Most of these have a chip in the key that contains a code. This code varies greatly depending on whether they are encrypted or with fixed codes. When you turn on the ignition, the car reads the code, and if the code is correct, you can start the car.

We always provide a 2-year warranty on copied keys, remote controls and batteries.

When it comes to camper vans, motorcycles, boats and other motor vehicles with this technology, we can of course help there too.

We are regularly asked which cars we can manufacture, copy and program keys for. The answer is simply more or less all makes and models, newer and older. We manufacture, copy and program most of the keys and remote controls available on the market.

For example, if you have lost all your keys for a Mercedes E220CDI model year 2018, we can absolutely manufacture and program additional keys. Of course, we remove the lost ones in the car's computer.

Contact us if you wish to have the work carried out on your premises.

Visit our shop Låsesmeden Carkey Center

You will be welcomed by our trained and certified staff to our shop for programming and copying car keys. Please note that all communication will take place in our security shop located at Calle Antonio Ruiz Coves 17, 03183 Torrevieja. Låsesmeden Carkey Center is located in the same building, specialized in car keys.

You can also get help with remote controls for garage doors and gates for residential and multi-family buildings.

Quick, simple and easy

1. Send us the make, model and year of manufacture, using Whatsapp directly on the website.

2. We will come back with the price

3. together we find a suitable time for your visit to the Låsesmeden Carkey Center.

4. Leave and pick up the car. Normally, manufacturing, programming or copying takes about 30-60 minutes.

Satisfied customers

"We are extremely grateful and satisfied with the service and support provided throughout the whole operation. We would strongly recommend to use this company for any security services needed. 100% satisfied. Thank you for everything!"

Tobias Andersson

"Fantastically nice and excellent service. Their services are highly recommended."

Rune Pettersson

Satisfied customers

Locksmith Carkey Center, when you need additional keys and remotes.

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